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Embrace Physical Culture - Find It, Create It

Weight training and other various progressive resistence training methods are the corner stone, stablizing joints, providing power, building muscle to fill out the suit of skin. Some people ask me if squating 955lbs. or lifting weights for forty years has had a bad effect on my knee's to which I reply "no the opposite." All that muscle gave the joints tremendous structural integrity! This applies to the other joints as well. Plus by useing full ranges of motion weight training generates and sustains flexability that helps in real world activities. The lean muscle mass resulting from progressive weight training burns fat day and night, while your active or resting, good deal! Bones are constantly remodleing so you have to stress them on a regular basis. Guess how, thats right, weight bearing exersizes! Weight training is a great time to be in your body and do a moving meditation. The elevated brain chemistry you get from exerting yourself plus the self esteem of getting stronger are great benifits. You get a lot of bang for the buck, meaning all these benifits come with a small investment of time.

Now we take these benefits and use them in the real world with other activities that resonate with us. Discover all the benefits that physical movement provides.